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So its good news and bad news.

Good news that the rats are leaving.

Bad news that the ship is sinking.

Of course no-one could have predicted covid but to have spent a fortune on the floor when all that was required were toilets with disabled access was the height of stupidity, when there was no income and little prospect of income in the immediate future.

A shower as well! Who came up with that idea?

Of course it all started when no one thought to negotiate on the purchase price when the offer was there in the original letter (see below).

It is unbelievable how anyone could have messed up so badly in such a short period of time.

So badly that a previous owner has had to bail them out with a generous donation.

Now some of the trustees are trying to rid themselves of their trusteeship like hot potatoes.

“The price of shares to individuals is fixed and non-negotiable, except where an individual member or consortium of members is interested in purchasing all 325 shares together”.

I note the recent Supreme Court judgement which upholds freedom of speech even if it causes offence. Not that I would want to cause offence of course.






































































































































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